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Deconstructing Misconceptions Around Money (Ep. 72)

The rising cost of living is not just affecting the working class, but also those who are using their assets to support themselves throughout retirement.

In this episode, Kim Griego-Kiel provides you with the rundown you need to strengthen your financial roadmap. Kim starts by unpacking the most common misconceptions about money followed by highlighting how it can alter your financial freedom.

Kim discusses:

  • Three common myths about money
  • Why making more money doesn’t equal a better financial future
  • The National Retirement Risk Index and ways it can help you better understand your retirement situation
  • The mistake of believing the adage of “inflation not being that bad” during retirement
  • Ways income decreases as our households get older 
  • And more!


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Prioritizing ESG Investments with Dr. Pooja Khosla (Ep. 71)

Everything from the environment to resources, and even sustainability, has been impacted by current events, which in turn bring market volatility.

How should we react to this? Should we be scared? Should the ESG markets be worried?

In this episode, Kimberly Griego-Kiel talks with Entelligent’s executive vice president for client & product development, Dr. Pooja Khosla. Dr. Khosla discusses some of the recent anti-ESG sentiments she has been hearing, along with things we can do to prioritize ESG investing today. 

Dr. Khosla and Kim discuss:

  • Why ESG has underperformed over the last six months
  • How some industrialized countries like the US are producing more carbon than countries with a larger population
  • Reasons environmental-focused investors need to pay more attention to carbon production
  • How operating in scarcity of resources has made emerging markets more resourceful and environmentally friendly
  • And more!


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About Our Guest:

Dr. Pooja Khosla is the executive vice president for client & product development at Entelligent. Dr. Khosla is an economist, econometrician, and mathematician who has deep knowledge to build investing solutions. She has extensive experience in predictive modeling, microfinance, and designing impact investment tools and has been working on impact solutions since 2003, both nationally and internationally.