Beyond Profits: Investing for a Sustainable Tomorrow (Ep. 102)

Beyond Profits: Investing for a Sustainable Tomorrow (Ep. 102)

Is your investment portfolio merely a financial plan, or it’s just a catalyst for worldwide change?

Wondering how your investments can help save the planet?

Join Kimberly Griego-Kiel and Johann Klaassen in a groundbreaking episode where they unravel the mysteries of a circular economy and regenerative capital. 

This pivotal discussion challenges traditional investment norms, introducing a new age of sustainable impact investing that aligns deeply with personal values and plays an active role in global environmental and societal rejuvenation.

Key discussion points include:

  • How a circular economy ties into everyday activities like recycling and reusing
  • Ways investments in regenerative capital can foster environmental and societal healing
  • The crucial role of regenerative agriculture in shaping sustainable agriculture and influencing future investment trends
  • Some challenges of transitioning to a green economy, with a special focus on crucial materials like copper for sustainable technologies
  • The ethical and cultural evolution in resource management and investment (crucial for crafting a sustainable future)
  • And more!


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