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Here’s What You Should Know About ESG Mistakes and Real Estate Sustainability with Sam Adams (Ep. 87)

What do real estate and sustainability have in common?

This week, Sam Adams, the CEO and co-founder of Vert Asset Management, unpacks the ins and outs of sustainable investing and the need for more sustainability in the real estate arena.

Sam shares Vert’s approach to educating and encouraging companies to take the next step in their sustainability journey while highlighting how the firm advocates for more sustainability in the financial services industry.

Sam discusses:

  • Sustainable investing and the need for more sustainability in the real estate industry 
  • Some eye-opening ESG mistakes advisors might be making
  • The difference between ESG and SRI
  • Ways the real estate strategy fits into the sustainable investing model
  • An overview of the book he’s co-writing, “Your Essential Guide to Sustainable Investing” 
  • What you should know about the Vert Asset Management fund
  • And more!


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About Our Guest: 

Samuel Adams is the CEO of Vert Asset Management. Sam is an environmentalist and a capitalist passionate about preserving and defending nature and has worked as an investment professional. He has 20 years of experience at Dimensional Fund Advisors, where he learned the power of the markets as an Investment Professional. Sam is passionate about making sustainable investing easier for financial advisors and their clients. He also holds a BA from the University of Colorado, Boulder, and an MBA from UC Davis Graduate School of Management.

Koffee with Kim: Exploring Interesting & Fun Financial Aspects (Ep. 86)

In this episode of Deep Impact Investing, Kimberly Griego-Kiel is all about unveiling the American financial reality.

This week, Kim takes listeners on a journey through the world of finance, from the history of the stock exchange to the current state of personal finances in the US. 

Kim covers a range of interesting and surprising areas of finance, providing insights into the world of the markets and even the daily financial reality of ordinary Americans.

Kim discusses:

  • When was the first stock exchange established
  • The cost of producing money
  • The truth about US debt
  • Ways financial security varies depending on race, culture, and households
  • What you should know about being financially healthy: Some must-know stats
  • And more!

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Critical Climate and Diversity Stakeholder Resolutions for 2023 with Andy Behar (Ep. 85)

How much do you know about corporate responsibility and sustainability?

This week, Andy Behar, the CEO of As You Sow, joins Kim Griego-Kiel to talk about the nonprofit organization’s role in shaking up the business world with its innovative environmental and social justice approach. 

Listen in as Andy details the ins and outs of creating a more sustainable and equitable future for this and the years to come.

Andy discusses:

  • As You Sow’s vision and mission  
  • The importance of climate action in the corporate resolution filings for 2023 
  • The value of more companies incorporating diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • As You Sow’s role in helping companies minimize the dangers of pesticides in our food system
  • What you should know about company transparency and accountability 
  • Ways As You Sow is working to reduce plastic demand 
  • What you should know about stranded assets
  • And more!


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About Our Guest:

Andy Behar is CEO of As You Sow, the nation’s leading non-profit practitioner of shareholder advocacy and engagement. With a 30-year track record of success, the organization advances values-aligned investing and uses shareholder power to compel companies to reduce material risk on issues including climate change; toxins in the food system; ocean plastics; diversity, equity, and inclusion; racial justice; and wage equity.