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Tidbits with Kim: Sustainable Investing & Working Towards A Sustainable Economy (Ep. 88)

Welcome to Kim Griego-Kiel’s new segment, ‘Tidbits with Kim!’

Every quarter, Kim will bring you the ins and outs of sustainable investing and handy action items to work towards a more sustainable economy.

In this week’s episode, Kim delves into the world of sustainable impact investing while exploring some exciting new developments in California’s fight against climate change. 

Listen in as Kim navigates the latest news on stricter vehicle requirements, proposed emission disclosure bills, and the benefits of hybrid and electric cars.

Kim discusses:

  • California’s implementation of stricter vehicle requirements to improve fuel efficiency and promote zero emissions
  • The two new bills being proposed in California aimed at holding corporations accountable for their impact on climate change
  • What you should know about carbon emissions and their role within different income brackets 
  • The United Nations’ predictions about the likelihood of animal pandemic being the leading cause of the next pandemic
  • The improvement of plant-based meat options in terms of quality, taste, and texture
  • And more!


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Banking on Success Or Failure (Ep. 74)

Not every bank or mutual fund we give our money to has our environmental impact values in mind. 

In this episode, Kim Griego-Kiel takes a deep dive into how you can be smarter about where your money is going and who you invest with. She talks about banking and insurance alternatives that share ESG values and prioritize what they invest in to make an impactful difference.

Kim discusses:

  • How alternate banking like community banks or credit unions can work for you 
  • The steps insurance companies are taking to be stewards of the environment
  • What 30 of the primary insurers are doing to avoid catastrophic climate change
  • How to find out if your bank or mutual fund invests in fossil fuels
  • And more!


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