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ESG vs. Impact Investing — Here’s the Difference (Ep.61)

ESG vs. Impact Investing — Here’s the Difference (Ep.61)

2021 was a great year for sustainable and ESG investing and its ability to outperform traditional markets.

However, it is important to understand the difference between ESG and impact investing when creating your portfolio.

In this episode, Kimberly explores the main differences between SRI, ESG, and impact investing. Plus, she explains the importance of understanding their roles in the market when building your portfolio.

Kim discusses:

  • Differentiating impact and ESG investing and ways they work together
  • How to measure and evaluate the impact of your investments with both strategies
  • How to investigate the companies you are supporting in your 401(k) investments
  • Ways Horizons Sustainable Financial Services can help guide where YOU choose to invest
  • And more!

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