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Where in the World is Sustainable Healthcare!? (Ep. 76)

Having access to better healthcare is not just a mission within our nation but also worldwide. 

So, how to work towards a better system?

In this episode, Kim Griego-Kiel explores the current healthcare system and how it’s designed to be reactive instead of proactive. By sharing her own experiences and reviewing the different healthcare systems around the world, Kim explains the pros and cons of a universal and sustainable healthcare system and what those look like. 

Kim discusses:

  • The importance of incorporating further prevention methods 
  • The role of mental health initiatives within a proactive healthcare system
  • Her personal experiences with healthcare in different countries 
  • Ways our investment portfolios can support sustainable healthcare systems
  • How did the pandemic impact healthcare across the world 
  • And more!


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Banking on Success Or Failure (Ep. 74)

Not every bank or mutual fund we give our money to has our environmental impact values in mind. 

In this episode, Kim Griego-Kiel takes a deep dive into how you can be smarter about where your money is going and who you invest with. She talks about banking and insurance alternatives that share ESG values and prioritize what they invest in to make an impactful difference.

Kim discusses:

  • How alternate banking like community banks or credit unions can work for you 
  • The steps insurance companies are taking to be stewards of the environment
  • What 30 of the primary insurers are doing to avoid catastrophic climate change
  • How to find out if your bank or mutual fund invests in fossil fuels
  • And more!


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