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Empowering Stories From Zimbabwe and Zambia (Ep. 81)

During Kim Griego-Kiel’s recent trip to Zimbabwe and Zambia with Priscilla Plummer from Global Sojourns Giving Circle, she visited the stunning Victoria Falls, experienced the rich culture of these nations, and took part in various activities.

But the most life-changing part of Kim’s trip was the time she spent with the boys and girls of the Global Sojourns Giving Circle family.

This week, Kim gives listeners a first-hand account of what it is to travel to Africa. She unveils the rich history she experienced, the connections she made with the locals, and everything she learned about life in Africa.

For anyone who has ever wanted to visit a country in Africa, this episode will provide you with lots of valuable information.

Kim discusses:

  • Her experience arriving in Victoria Falls and Zimbabwe’s history and culture
  • The wildlife and scenery she saw
  • The connection she made while spending time with the boys and girls of Global Sojourns Giving Circle 
  • The eye-opening stories she heard from the boys and girls clubs and ways we  can make an impact 
  • The value of education for African youth 
  • And more!


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The Truth About Food Systems Within the Impact Investing & Climate Change Industry (Ep.64)

There is no question that climate change is affecting how we live on a global scale.

The food and agriculture systems are no exception. They are connected to every area of impact investing. As food systems become less resilient, they will create bigger problems for our global markets. 

In this episode, Kimberly Griego-Kiel explains what is wrong with our food and agricultural systems, why they are dying, and why it is in the best interest for investors to take part in making a change.

Kimberly discusses:

  • The serious threat of extinction to cacao, corn, wheat, rice, and coffee
  • The social, environmental, and financial cost of a deteriorating food system 
  • How seed saving, slow food, and organic production processes can help make a change in our food systems
  • The importance of highlighting the food system’s market and impact to investors to generate change
  • And more!


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59. Empowering & Educating Girls for a Stronger Community With Priscilla Plummer

Have you ever dreamed about changing careers and moving across the world?

Priscilla Plummer, the founder of Global Sojourns Giving Circle (GSGC), made that dream her reality in 1990 when she moved across the world and traveled throughout the African continent. Using her travel experience and passion for philanthropy, she works to create an effective impact on Western and African female communities.

In this week’s episode, Priscilla joins Kimberly Griego-Kiel to detail her journey from working for a magazine to founding and running Global Sojourns Giving Circle, a successful non-profit organization. Priscilla highlights GSGC’s mission and ways they focus on sustainably supporting girls around education and empowerment.

Kimberly and Priscilla discuss:

  • Priscilla’s journey to South Africa and how she built Global Sojourns Giving Circle
  • The organization’s female-focused approach
  • The importance of learning and understanding cultural differences when working alongside GSGC
  • How deep and impactful change starts with women but must be continued by  men 
  • And more!


Connect with Priscilla Plummer

Connect with Kimberly Griego-Kiel

About our Guest:

Board Member USA & Southern Africa, Priscilla Plummer is the founder of Global Sojourns Giving Circle (GSGC). Priscilla followed her passion to Africa more than 30 years ago, and nothing makes her happier than to connect travelers with her favorite people and places. Her MS in International Development underlies our deep commitment to culturally sensitive travel and philanthropic work.