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W.T.F — What The Fahrenheit!? (Ep. 97)

W.T.F — What The Fahrenheit!? (Ep. 97)

Temperatures are rising, and extreme weather events are becoming way more frequent. 

So, what are we waiting to address this pressing issue head-on!?

In this episode, Kim Griego-Kiel explores the alarming rise in global temperatures and the consequences of climate change.

Join in as Kim shares eye-opening statistics about the effects of these rising temperatures on human health and ecosystems while reinforcing the urgency for collective action to combat climate change.

Kim discusses:

  • The correlation between rising temperatures and environmental degradation
  • The consequences of climate change on human health, ecosystems, and global stability
  • The importance of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and supporting alternative energy sources
  • What you need to know about COP28 and its potential to drive change in the oil and gas industry
  • And more!


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Tidbits with Kim: Sustainable Investing & Working Towards A Sustainable Economy (Ep. 88)

Tidbits with Kim: Sustainable Investing & Working Towards A Sustainable Economy (Ep. 88)

Welcome to Kim Griego-Kiel’s new segment, ‘Tidbits with Kim!’

Every quarter, Kim will bring you the ins and outs of sustainable investing and handy action items to work towards a more sustainable economy.

In this week’s episode, Kim delves into the world of sustainable impact investing while exploring some exciting new developments in California’s fight against climate change. 

Listen in as Kim navigates the latest news on stricter vehicle requirements, proposed emission disclosure bills, and the benefits of hybrid and electric cars.

Kim discusses:

  • California’s implementation of stricter vehicle requirements to improve fuel efficiency and promote zero emissions
  • The two new bills being proposed in California aimed at holding corporations accountable for their impact on climate change
  • What you should know about carbon emissions and their role within different income brackets 
  • The United Nations’ predictions about the likelihood of animal pandemic being the leading cause of the next pandemic
  • The improvement of plant-based meat options in terms of quality, taste, and texture
  • And more!


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57. Sustainable Shareholder Advocacy with Leslie Samuelrich, Sam Adams, and Sarah Adams – Part 3

57. Sustainable Shareholder Advocacy with Leslie Samuelrich, Sam Adams, and Sarah Adams – Part 3

For this episode of the four-part ESG for Impact! miniseries, Kimberly invites three difference-makers in sustainable shareholder advocacy to outline their unique focus on ESG investing and mutual funds.

This week, Leslie Samuelrich, the president of Green Century Funds, and Kim explore plastic pollution, recycling, climate change, sustainable supply chains and how Leslie’s campaigns are pushing for change in these areas.

Additionally, Vert Asset Management’s Chief Executive Officer, Sam Adams, and Chief Sustainability Officer, Sarah Adams, join Kim to explain how they work together to drive change with sustainable real estate with companies that are either constructing or maintaining buildings.

Kim, Leslie, Sarah, and Sam discuss:

  • The plastic we consume and waste we create due to improper recycling practices
  • Ways Green Century Funds’ approach to supply chains and the disposable economy 
  • How to make real estate more sustainable
  • Ways the ESG For Impact! conference has contributed to the sustainable and  collaborative investment arena
  • And more!


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About Leslie Samuelrich:

Leslie leads Green Century Capital Management and focuses on the firm’s investment strategies, business development, and impact investing program. The Green Century Funds have experienced 570% growth under her leadership. Ms. Samuelrich has more than 25 years of experience in ESG investing, corporate engagement, and environmental and public health advocacy. Her comments have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, the New York Times, Responsible Investor, Barron’s, and many other outlets. She currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Forum for Sustainable and Responsible Investment (US SIF) and the Advisory Board of the Intentional Endowments Network. 

About Sam Adams:

Sam is the CEO of Vert Asset Management.  Sam is an environmentalist and a capitalist passionate about preserving and defending nature and has worked as an investment professional. He has 20 years of experience at Dimensional Fund Advisors, where he learned the power of the markets as an Investment Professional. Sam is passionate about making sustainable investing easier for financial advisors and their clients. He also holds a BA from the University of Colorado, Boulder, and an MBA from UC Davis Graduate School of Management. 

About Sarah Adams:

Sarah is the Chief Sustainability Officer and Co-founder at Vert Asset Management. Sarah leads on the engagement processes to define how the company operates, ways to influence the financial services sector, and ways shareholders can be active stewards of capital for ESG and better business practices. She started in financial services at a boutique brokerage firm during the late 90s dot-com boom.