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Ending Poverty and Achieving Economic Growth: Some Must-Know Sustainable Development Goals (Ep. 89)

Are you interested in learning how to reduce poverty and create sustainable economic growth for everyone? 

You are in luck because that’s exactly what Kim Griego-Kiel talks about in this week’s episode of Deep Impact Investing.

Kim explains how poverty, decent work, and economic growth are part of the Sustainable Development Goals (SGD) while detailing the progress made towards achieving these goals and the challenges and setbacks faced.

Kim discusses:

  • The increase in poverty rates and unemployment due to the pandemic and the prevalence of global child labor
  • The progress made towards ending poverty and sustainable economic growth 
  • The role of inflation, the pandemic, and child labor when it comes to achieving these goals 
  • Digital technology and financial services as tools to improve the lives of people living in poverty
  • What you should know about microfinance 
  • The truth about consumer protection and credit card reward programs
  • And more!


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Tidbits with Kim: Sustainable Investing & Working Towards A Sustainable Economy (Ep. 88)

Welcome to Kim Griego-Kiel’s new segment, ‘Tidbits with Kim!’

Every quarter, Kim will bring you the ins and outs of sustainable investing and handy action items to work towards a more sustainable economy.

In this week’s episode, Kim delves into the world of sustainable impact investing while exploring some exciting new developments in California’s fight against climate change. 

Listen in as Kim navigates the latest news on stricter vehicle requirements, proposed emission disclosure bills, and the benefits of hybrid and electric cars.

Kim discusses:

  • California’s implementation of stricter vehicle requirements to improve fuel efficiency and promote zero emissions
  • The two new bills being proposed in California aimed at holding corporations accountable for their impact on climate change
  • What you should know about carbon emissions and their role within different income brackets 
  • The United Nations’ predictions about the likelihood of animal pandemic being the leading cause of the next pandemic
  • The improvement of plant-based meat options in terms of quality, taste, and texture
  • And more!


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Here’s What You Should Know About ESG Mistakes and Real Estate Sustainability with Sam Adams (Ep. 87)

What do real estate and sustainability have in common?

This week, Sam Adams, the CEO and co-founder of Vert Asset Management, unpacks the ins and outs of sustainable investing and the need for more sustainability in the real estate arena.

Sam shares Vert’s approach to educating and encouraging companies to take the next step in their sustainability journey while highlighting how the firm advocates for more sustainability in the financial services industry.

Sam discusses:

  • Sustainable investing and the need for more sustainability in the real estate industry 
  • Some eye-opening ESG mistakes advisors might be making
  • The difference between ESG and SRI
  • Ways the real estate strategy fits into the sustainable investing model
  • An overview of the book he’s co-writing, “Your Essential Guide to Sustainable Investing” 
  • What you should know about the Vert Asset Management fund
  • And more!


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About Our Guest: 

Samuel Adams is the CEO of Vert Asset Management. Sam is an environmentalist and a capitalist passionate about preserving and defending nature and has worked as an investment professional. He has 20 years of experience at Dimensional Fund Advisors, where he learned the power of the markets as an Investment Professional. Sam is passionate about making sustainable investing easier for financial advisors and their clients. He also holds a BA from the University of Colorado, Boulder, and an MBA from UC Davis Graduate School of Management.


2022 Market Overview: Winners and Losers with Johann Klaassen (Ep. 84)

2022 was a year of market turmoil: The S&P 500 and the Russell 3000 were down by almost 19%, and the bond market also suffered a hit.

In this episode, Kim Griego-Kiel brings back one of our favorite guests, Johann Klaassen, the President and Chief Investment Officer at Horizons Sustainable Financial Services. Kim and Johann review the 2022 market performance while detailing the four areas that impacted the markets last year. 

Johann discusses:

  • The Federal Reserve’s efforts to control inflation 
  • The US dollar currency speculation
  • His market predictions for 2023
  • What you should know about diversification 
  • The market’s role in sustainable investing 
  • And more!

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About Our Guest:

Johann A. Klaassen, Ph.D., is Executive Vice President and Chief Investment Officer for Horizons Sustainable Financial Services. His role is developing asset allocation strategies and overseeing investment policy for Horizons’ individual and institutional clients. As a passionate advocate for SRI, a skilled navigator of its intricacies, and an enthusiastic early adopter of just about every new communication tool and technology, Johann is informed, informative, and far more accessible than his many commitments might imply. He directly serves clients across the nation, tending to specialize in serving unusual and special circumstances or needs.


Episode 46: A Deep Dive into the US SIF Trends Report – With Farzana Hoque

What are the latest trends in sustainable investing?

Get ready to find out in this data-packed episode!

Join Kimberly Griego-Kiel and the Forum for Sustainable and Responsible Investment’s acting director of research, Farzana Hoque, as they sit down to shed some light on the US SIF Trends Report. This is a document that provides extensive data on the number of institutional asset owners, money management firms, and investment vehicles that are using sustainable investment strategies. 

You will learn:

  • What the US SIF Trends Report measures and why it’s so important for the sustainable and impact investing industry 
  • A trend comparison between the 1995 and 2020 report 
  • The reason for the exponential asset growth between 2018 and 2020
  • Who puts the document together and the stages of developing the Trends Report
  • And more!

Listen in today to explore the importance of the US SIF reports for current and future sustainable investing industry practitioners!

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